We all have a story to share. Our stories show who we are and develop our individual identities. These stories may take form as lifelong biographies, short experiences, art and photography, or even a dessert recipe we love. The Diversity Story is a platform that allows people to submit and share stories of culturally diverse experiences around the world. Sharing our unique stories connects people from all generations and cultures. Some stories have the ability to educate others about different lifestyles, unique experiences, or various global issues. Other stories may serve to inspire others to take action and change the world. Stories may also empower readers to embrace their own identity and share stories of their own. Through reading and sharing our stories, we can help create a more educated, compassionate, and well-connected world.



Eleanor is a junior at North Allegheny Senior High in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up among three cultures (Chinese/Korean/American), she has always been interested in cultural identity and its influence on life. Through one formative conversation with an international friend, she realized how valuable it was to hear everyone's unique stories and developed the vision for The Diversity Story. She wants this platform to provide a place where people can share and read others' stories and experiences since they are often unheard. Other than writing, editing, and interviewing people for The Diversity Story, she enjoys playing piano, painting, and fencing.



Suzie is a junior at Lewisburg Area High School in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. She joined The Diversity Story to expand her worldview to new cultural perspectives and to help others do the same. She is so excited to read and share stories that reflect people with entirely different walks of life! Suzie hopes The Diversity Story can show readers that all cultures are beautiful, unique, and worthy of being embraced! In her free time, Suzie enjoys music, theatre, and being mediocre at Duolingo.



Allison is currently a sophomore at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Having always been immersed in various cultures from the cosmopolitan one of Montreal to the vivacious one of her Chinese heritage, it was a no brainer for her to join the Diversity Story. She hopes that the Diversity Story also gives others that same chance to share their unique stories, whether it be through writing, visual arts, or simply raw ideas. When not finishing up school work, you can find her snuggling with her chubby cat, binging Gossip Girl, or spending time with family.



Meet Emily, a junior in highschool! Emily was motivated to join the Diversity Story team as a staff writer as a result of where she was raised. Growing up in New York, she has met so many people with so many differences from herself. She wants to embrace these differences and spread a sense of love and acceptance for all of these cultures. Therefore, she decided to become a part of the Diversity Story team! Other than being an advocate for spreading love for different cultures, Emily enjoys the magical world of theatre and music.



Prabhpreet Gill is a student-athlete in his sophomore year from Vancouver, Canada. His passion for culture and exploration made him join The Diversity Story, as he loves to learn and enhance his horizons of what culture means. Balancing his heritage of punjabi culture while living in Canada has truly broadened his perspective towards diversity and embracing all sides. Prabhpreet loves to swim, travel and dream of the future.


Gerald is from China and came to the US in 2019. In China, he studied at a public school in Qingdao. He currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts and is a freshman at boarding school in Connecticut. He plays sports, piano, and likes to create artwork in his leisure. Gerald loves to write and share the culture of his country, city and town.


Sakura, also called Sak, is 16 and from Tokyo, Japan, but currently lives in Madrid, Spain. She joined The Diversity Story because she wanted to share her experiences of living in foreign countries to the world. She enjoys running, reading, writing, and sewing. 


Alina is a freshman at Alpha Secondary in Burnaby, BC. She is super excited to write pieces about identity and diversity that will hopefully inspire others to share their own stories. Alina joined The Diversity Story because she wants to show that stereotypes mean nothing in the face of individuality, and because she wants to become more connected to her Chinese culture. She hopes to show that all cultures should be something to be proud of. Alina spends her time writing, baking bread, and reading outside.


Rhianna is a freshman at Brampton Centennial Secondary School In Brampton, ON, Canada. She joined The Diversity Story because she feels that it is important to help tell stories regarding diversity to merge the gap between different cultures and help others understand that just because someone is different than you, they are not less than you. She is proud to be of Guyanese origin and has been raised around a variety of different cultures and backgrounds her whole life. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing, reading, photography, editing, and watching movies and documentaries.


Kate is a junior at O'Fallon Township High School and a piano teacher in the St. Louis metro area. Due to her relatives living in a Swedish colonial village in Northern Illinois and her living in a largely German region, she has grown up attending different ethnic festivals and taking interest in the traditions from her cultures, along with others. A large supporter of education, she believes that encouraging people to learn more about other cultures will not only increase well-roundedness, but also promote harmony amongst humanity. Apart from writing, Kate enjoys playing piano, a multitude of brass instruments, photography, baking, and genealogy. 


Hallie is an 8th grader at Carson Middle School (North Allegheny Cyber Academy) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She joined The Diversity Story in hopes of being inspired and inspiring others. She wants to learn about cultures around the world and to develop a better understanding of the people around her, as well as get to be a part of a community where she can see things from a new perspective and form her own opinions. Hallie loves reading dystopian books and famous literature, writing short stories, novels and poems, and was also involved in cross country and track and field prior to COVID. In her free time she enjoys drawing and playing the violin and piano.

Sharing culturally diverse stories to educate, inspire, and empower others.