This gallery features photos and artworks by extremely talented artists. These pieces all have cultural themes and ideas.

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Golden Temple

Golden Temple Digital art by Praveen Nayak 📍Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar

Reese Muntean Totem Pole art

Totem Pole Photograph by Reese Mutean

Qingdao, China

📍Qingdao, China

Brown is Beautiful

Brown is Beautiful by Gaurav Thakur Gaurav Thakur is an Indian digital artist who combines traditional Indian clothing with western society elements. He reimagines the world of Indian culture and couture with the influence of Euro-centric supermodels and celebrities, from Wonder Woman's beautifully draped Saree to the reimagined Sabysachi campaign by Winnie Harlow. He also uses his voice upraise and support Indian women across the globe. Instagram: @artby_gt

Gigi Hadid Reimagined

Gigi Hadid Reimagined by Gaurav Thakur See "Brown is Beautiful" for artist description

Winnie Harlow in Sabyasachi

Winnie Harlow in Sabyasachi by Gaurav Thakur See "Brown is Beautiful" for artist description

Desi Wonder Woman

Desi Wonder Woman by Gaurav Thakur See "Brown is Beautiful" for artist description

U and Eye

U and Eye by Robert Davidson Robert Davidson is a renowned Indigenous artist from Canada. His acclaimed talents have brought him the opportunity to present his art in the Vancouver art gallery, National Gallery of Canada, Southwest Museum Los Angeles and many more. Revolving his art around his rich heritage allowed him to further display the beauty the Haida cultures entail. From wood carvings to canvas painting and metal sculptures, Davidson loves to broaden his media horizon.

Oyster Catcher

Oyster Catcher by Robert Davidson See "U and Eye" for artist description

Raven Stealing the Moon

Raven Stealing the Moon by Robert Davidson See "U and Eye" for artist description


Blackfish by Robert Davidson See "U and Eye" for artist description

by Kate Wexell This was chalk art drawn by a man to display every flag in the world. It was in front of the Cologne Cathedral (Koelner Dom) in Koeln, Germany.

by Kate Wexell This is the Hundertwasserhaus in Wien, Austria (Vienna). It is an eclectic apartment complex meant to display man's relationship with nature.

European Roots

European Roots by Maddie Begemann Maddie Begemann wanted to dive deep into her roots and heritage of European descent, especially the Netherlands and Portugal. She decided to focus on Portuguese ceramics and the use of various Navy blues while trying to shine the bright array of white in the background. Other smaller references she included are the windmill, which were heavily used in Holland, and the ship, which refers back to the Vikings.

Pastel Artwork

Pastel Artwork by Keshav Dubey Keshav Dubey used various traditional patterns and bright colors, which portray the fun and vividness of Punjabi culture. Various elements such as the peacocks, traditional clothing, and the dhol (traditional instrument) truly bring a new perspective. He loves to learn more about his heritage and strives to educate himself as much as he can.

Armaan Kamat - Navratan Korma Photo 1

Navratan Korma by Armaan Kamat

Armaan Kamat - Navratan Korma Photo 2

Navratan Korma by Armaan Kamat


Watercolor Portrait by Shreya Chalapalli

Water Village

Water Village by Owen Jin 📍Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China

Modern America

Modern America by Shreya Chalapalli 📍USA

Lantern Streets

Lantern Streets by Karis Lu 📍Dujiangyan, Chengdu, China

Statues at Chichén Itzá

Statues at Chichén Itzá by Sophie Lu 📍Yucatán, Mexico These pieces were sold in a stall at Chichén Itzá, an ancient Mayan City, and are likely modeled after ancient Mayan statues.

And None Were Violent

And None Were Violent by Gloria Wang 📍 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA This painting of George Floyd features the handprints of Black Lives Matter protesters in Pittsburgh, PA. The artist's goal was to unify people in a time of division, and the handprints convey that none of the protesters were violent.


Louvre by Shreya Chalapalli 📍Paris, France

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