Dreams of Japan

BY SAKURA YONEYAMA (staff writer)

Photo taken in Brazil (2014)

Photo with grandpa and little brother in Japan (2014)

Reading an English book in Brazil (2014)

When the sun is out

I am Sak

I am eloquent, fast-paced, American

I am an American with Asian skin living in Spain

My r's are clear cut, pronunciation flawless

I write poems in English about Western things and Western ideals

I study and read about Western people doing Western things and recognizing Western values

When the sun is out

I am Sak

When the sun starts to set

I am Saku

I am a loud, funny, fifth-grader

I am a New Yorker with Asian skin living in Brazil

My walk is confident, strides long

I write stories about life in New York, about New York food and New York people

I read and talk about New York people doing New York things and think about New York City

When the sun starts to set

I am Saku

When the sun is gone

And the moon shines down on me

And as I fall endlessly

I dream of Japan

And I am Sakura

I am thoughtful, kind, human

I am a Japanese girl with Japanese skin living through her visions

My words are broken, sometimes unintelligible

I dream dreams about Japan, about Japanese smiles and Japanese warmth

I dream and dream about Tokyo and the nostalgia of the city and I long for the city to envelop me again in its heart-shattering beauty

When the sun is gone

I am Sakura

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