Wait of A Lifetime


We came to this nation when I was about three

Hoping to find ourselves a better life for me

We packed our world and set sail

Therefore I would never, ever be set to fail

Our home was not much but we loved it a bunch

It made us feel safe and warm throughout the crunch

The crunch of a new life and the day to day pace

Was enough to shake one up, a tough ordeal to face

But our love was enough to hold us together

For our hope could last us an eternity - a forever

I grew up knowing that I was alike

From commonplace chores to riding a bike

I knew no different from what I had been told

But life was brilliant; it was prosper and gold

We shifted around for quite a while

But we kept happy, decorated with a smile

People looked at us different, but we didn’t care

So what if we have colored skin and hair

I may have not known English very well

But I could learn it! I would tell

I grew up celebrating traditions from here

Even watching Pearl Harbor and shedding every last tear

I put some cookies for jolly, old St. Nick

And having fun on April 1st, silly little trick

From gathering candy on Hallow’s Eve

To dressing as pirates and being little thieves

I drew with chalk on the sidewalks outside

And played some soccer and basketball as a side

I grew up like every other kid

Even playing hide and seek, and gosh I hid

Until an art competition at 10 revealed to me

The horror of the truth, as suffocating as could be

I wasn’t from here like everyone else

I was just some object sitting on a shelf

A shelf of parts waiting to be accepted

Into this nation; we come to be resurrected

To find ourselves a better world; one where we can see

Our future ahead of us - cloudy and murky

For we may be stripped of our homes any day

For our worries and our cares don’t matter any way

“Hold on” they said, it’s only a small wait

But I am sad to say it’s been lifetime till date

Several years of worry, several years of distress

Several years of hurry, several years of unrest

The fear of being separated from all I had ever known

Was enough to consume me till I was mere flesh and bone

Until I was broken down and worried

Until I was lonely, sad, and hurried

“Hold on“ they said, wait for a little bit more

But I am afraid to say that plan was never in store

I wanted to make a difference but had no idea how

I decided I had enough; for the time was now

I wrote this poem because I have a passion, a desire

To inform people of this burning issue, to start a fire

May the future change, may equality uphold

Through every single change, even outrageous and bold

I try and try to remain positive through it all

I don’t want to slip up, to tumble and fall

I don’t know how long I can survive this whirlpool of death

But I will continue persevering until my very last breath

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